Giant Transformers Toy?

Some of the interesting find I found this week. Some of the more knowledgeable fans of Transformers toy collector would have spotted something is amiss with this Bumblebee.

Indeed this is another bootleg version of the Transformers Dark of the Moon. However this is no originally bootleg. Compare against the Hasbro Original packaging here are the 3 differences.

1. The title was not Transformers but TaiKongZhangs
2. The Mechtech was changed to Meglie. Please do not asked me what is the meaning of the word as I am as clueless as you. My guess it was just a name.
3. Instead of Autobot logo, it was a head of Optimus Prime.

But the worst of it was the Hasbro logo changed to some Chinese wording such as SHoucang... *face palm...

Many toy collector actually grab this version not so much of BumbleBee but Optimus Prime. Why is that so? Well this is a Giant version which is more bigger than the actual Hasbro leader Class. How big is it? Just look at the picture below for scale reference.

When I was there I saw the last few Optimus Prime being taken for just lesser than SGD $90. As I stepped closer to take a look to see if it comes with a trailer, the person who was paying for it gave a dirty look as if I am going to take it away from him. My expectation was right, the Optimus Prime did not comes with the trailer.

Now I do not know if the toy can actually transform and how well will the quality hold up, after all these are bootlegs. It will look good thought if you are a Mint in Seal Box collector but know this that it is not an original toy and I can't really comment about it's value. As good as the size it maybe, I do not know how fun will it be transformed to the vehicle mode and for forking close to a hundred bucks, I seriously have to evaluate the value.

Will you get this giant bootleg transformers toy?


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