Figuarts ZERO Bleach: Aizen and Ichigo

Bandai Figuarts ZERO series after doing One Piece, one of the popular anime series Bleach will be included in the rank and should be releasing this month. Hooray for fans of Bleach!

First off, it will be Ichigo Kurosaki Getsuga Tensho Final Version.

This display toy stand 170mm, nicely painted and do justice of the Manga and Anime priced at 3,465 Yen. Personally I love the special effect.

On the Villain end, it's Sosuke Aizen!

In comparison to Ichigo, Aizen stand at 180mm. Taller than Ichigo as it is in the animation. The price however is the same as Ichigo at 3,465 Yen.

If you are getting this two together, you can simulate the dramatic confrontation scene! Look out for it if you are a Bleach fan!


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