Christmas Batteries

We are just weeks away from Christmas and I am starting to feel the mood of the holiday season. During this season, one of the biggest headache should be getting a gift. It is a headache to get something practical and meaningful gift especially you are invited to a party or company Christmas event that everyone should get a gift to exchange. All the more the gift should be unisex.

One of the item for a gift if I may suggest should be batteries. I know it would sound really funny to give some cold batteries to someone but what if it is colorful, practical and most of all GREEN to the environment with re-usability? I am talking about none other than Sanyo eneloop batteries.

I have mention a couple of months ago regarding these colorful glitter limited edition. The batteries not only look stylish but it has top notch performance.

Instead of 8 batteries a packet, for Christmas, Sanyo is releasing the Christmas-edition of a pack of 4.

* Blue and White.

These batteries are pre-charged in package which mean you can use straight away and it can re-charge up to 1,500 times. Personally I witness the low self-discharge rate even after a full charge and not using it for a month. 

* Do you know these pre-charged batteries was charge by solar energy? That's Greener!

I used such batteries on my Wii Controller, Camera Flash and some of the toys that require AA batteries especially for Christmas season, a lot of the toys uses batteries.:P

To be able to use rechargable batteries, I feel great as I felt it is more friendly to the environment and the saving in cost too.

If you are looking for these new Sanyo "eneloop Christmas Pack", you can try getting it at Best Denki, Challenger, Meidi-Ya Supermarket, Selffix D.I.Y and other electronic stores at a recommended retail price of S$27.90.


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