China Limited Edition Dragon Ultimate Optimus Prime

As this year is coming to an end, the welcoming of the new year especially Chinese Lunar New year which was the year of Dragon, Hasbro China had rolled out a limited edition of the Ultimate Optimus Prime.

Originally when I seen a huge Optimus Prime with packaging similar to Hasbro but was some china brand so I looked closer just to confirm if this is yet another bootleg. It turned out that this is indeed from Hasbro but only for China.

I was told that this release was suppose to be only available in China retails as it is a limited edition to commemorate the coming year of the Lunar New year for the Dragon. Instead of the usual silver, it was replaced with shades of Gold as Chinese love Gold colors.

One of the obvious difference should be the trailer which was suppose to be silver now in red with gold graphic of a Dragon. The design look good but I felt the color could be painted in metallic. That I will expect more from TakaraTomy and not Hasbro. I was lucky to see an open sample in robot mode on display.

From the side, you can see the golden drawing and indeed it really give the Chinese feel.
A close up you can still see the dragon with it's claws and even the dragon ball!

The price tag was SGD$180 and to some Chinese getting Dragon related stuff for the year of Dragon is a popular move which they hope in return will bring good fortune. Personally I find these limited Edition interesting but it doesn't move me to own it as Ultimate Optimus Prime is too big for me and I felt the design doesn't really look compatible with the Optimus Prime that I know.

What's your take of this repaint edition especially from China?


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