Baby Puss in Boots McDonalds Happy Meal Toy

When I first saw Puss in boots in Shrek, I just love the character. One of the scene that capture everyone heart was the cute kitty look which was a sure win move. It is so hard to get a toy on Puss in boot with that look and finally I have found what I was looking for at the latest mcDonald's Happy meal toy.

Seriously, how can I say no to this toy?

This is a baby Puss in the latest movie and it comes with a normal cat eye look that is already cute enough to get anyone attention.

Like all Happy meal toys, this toy has to have a action feature and the action feature comes by activating the button at the back of Puss..

One the button is pressed, the eye will switch to a wide black eyes staring through your soul and melt your heart. This is the ultimate kitty look. Trust me you will not press the button for just one time but continue pressing it in order for you to see the transformation that thrill you.

Placing beside Shrek which was another mcDonald's Happy meal toys from Shrek the Third, baby puss quite off the scale but from that scale, Puss is outstanding.

With this version of Puss in Boots, how much more can you asked for?

Beware, he is a lady killer and even throwing knife will turn around when he gave this look.
He got the Look!


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