40th Cup Noodle Anniversary MS-06S ZAKUII

Merry Christmas everyone. Since it is Christmas day today, I have decided to review something Red! LOL

Sometime ago I blogged about the 40th anniversary cup-noodle Gundam RX-78-2 and some asked me if I got the Char Zaku II in the series as well. How would I forget about Char? So here it is, the 40th Anniversary Cup Noodles MS-0gS Zaku II for cup noodle decal! Seige ZEON!!

The main color was red for the packaging and against the white background it look stunting especially the artwork of the outline of Zaku. Not to forget the gold plating along the box.

The standard of the package is one cup of the model kit while another cup is the cup noodles. While I blog about this, that cup noodle was already consumed by me. LOL.

One side of the box illustrate the actual model kit in full color. The height was around 9cm.

I have to admit that Zaku make good cover for Cup noodles! Here is the cup with the model kit inside.

On the cover zaku came with his gun but the toy only came with an axe...Should I feel cheated?

Time to Open the Toy!!

So here's the content of what is inside of the cup.

It comes with clear instructions and various small parts for the model kit.

Here is the decal which is exclusive just for Nissan Cup noodles.

It took me a couple of hours to assemble, painted and put on the decal of this Char Zaku II.

I painted the kit with Gundam markers and I run out of some colors in the process but it doesn't look shabby right? If you see the glitter effects, it was the Gundam marker.

Zaku II came with generous decals and one of striking Cup noodles decal should be on the left shoulder.

Even the shield comes with the full decal which cover more than 50% of the surfaces. You may notice the logo of Char too. LOL

When put both Cup Noodle Zaku II and Gundam RX-78-2, they look so good together especially the color contrast.

The question you have to asked yourself would be which one of this two looked the best?

Original Gundam or Zaku II with Nissan Cup noodle decal?


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