40th Anniversary Cup Noodle RX-78-2 Gundam

It has always been in my collector list to get a Cup Noodle series of Gundam model kit ever since years ago I first read about the news.However such exclusive are for local Japan and I have been trying for years to get hold of one of the series.Finally I got hold of the 40th Cup Noodle Anniversary version of Gundam RX-78-2.

The box comes with two cups. One for the real noodles while another is a cup of the Gunpla Model kit

One side of the box stated the 40th anniversary of Cup Noodle...

The other side stating the scale of the assembled Gundam which is around 9cm.

Time to open the toy, particularly the cup which hold the Gunpla model kit. Here is the cover of that cup stating information of the model kit and Gundam.

The cover of the cup can act as a base for the model kit in time to come and with in a packet of model kit parts.

In the packet comes with instructions and stickers for the model kit. However if you are perfectionist, you may want to paint your model kit.

It took me around a hour plus to assemble the model kit and did some touch up. It's not prefect as I have not really paint it fully but I have done some outline just for the fun of it. It turn out to be pretty decent in my opinion.

Here is the scale comparison with HG on your right and another smaller micro robot damashii version that I reviewed sometime ago.

I have no regrets going the length to get this kit and thank for a Japanese friend of mine who is willing to buy and mail it to me.

Here's an advertisement of Cup noodles with a 1:1 Gundam. Really awesome.

As for the Cup noodles, what do you think? Did I ate it?  :D


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