1990 McDonalds Happy Meal Playground Set

Today I am going to review a set of McDonalds Happy Meal toys that was released in the year 1990 handed over to me by Juliana from her personal collection.

Back then in the early 1990s, much of McDonald's happy Meal toys were still using their mascot, Ronald McDonalds and his gang. After more than two decades, you can see that age has done some terrible thing to the paint of the toy.

* Hi kids, remember me?

This is a playground set and each of the characters has their own playground. For Ronald McDonald was a two seater swing around play set.

The play set was easily assemble and it allow two sitters to sit each at both end and swing around and around.

At the base, it has a making of the year copyright and the country of manufacture and in this case even way back in 1990s, it was China.

Hamburglar was one of the famous mascot and he was easily remember due to his name which was a playing of words such as Hamburger. He was kinda of a Prison break guy as you can see from what he is wearing was a prison uniform.

For Hamburglar, he has himself a mini-flyer which you can operate by hands.

By turning the wheels, the seat will go up and down in circles. There is no differences in direction and you can turn clockwise or anti-clockwise as you like.

For the female gender, the one and only was Birdie and she has herself a swing.

Notice the both side of the swing stand was the McDonalds arc? Talking about Branding. LOL

Birdie always has a good sense of fashion. Wearing a aviator or pilot goggle and a scarf. As a female, she dressed in Pink. Most female customer love her.

How can we forget about the purple and fat Grimace? Most of the kids find him cute and cheerful although we have no idea where he came from and why was he purple. Do you know he was suppose to be a villain?

For Grimace, he comes with a merry go round play set.

Put him up on the seat and you can turn the handle around and the seat will move around. Most of the time, Grimace will fall off as he is just too fat for the seat and it is a bumpy ride.

If you have the whole set, you can placed all of them together in any arrangement to form a big play ground like this.

I am impressed that such toys lasted more than 20 years, the simple concept and the quality of the toys are amazing. I believe given these toys to kids, they will still be having fun rather than some electric toys.

Sadly today the McDonald mascot disappear for quite a long while in mcDonalds Happy Meal Toys but the connection of the 80s generation and the branding of Ronald McDonalds are still there.

Do you missed the McDonalds mascots? Which was your favorite?


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