Zeon's Time Bomb Magnet

Day 2 of Gundam One Year War countdown. What will be inside pocket number 2?

For a moment I was happy to see a short write up with Char picture at the back of the label.

It must be something Char related as I suppose and the answers was not too far from that as the black plastic bag content of 3 blocks like object. On closer look, it was 3 Zeon bombs. Each of these bomb have a magnets sticking in them for you to stick on any metal surface..

In the series, the bombs was set in Jaburo Zeon and 3 kids named Katz, Letz and Kikka deactivated these just in time. With the help of Magnet embedded in these bombs, these toy can stick on the refrigerators.

As advance as UC era, these time bomb of Zeon still use analog clock rather than digital.. Doesn't make sense right?

Apparently someone in my collection seems to like these bombs and was the first to get his hands on it.

Yes, the Joker like gasoline and bombs. Since there are no Zeon around. I will just let him have them....for now!


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