Say Haro to Multi Box Nandemoharo

Since I have been to Gunpla Expo Singapore 2011 on it's first day, you maybe wondering did I get any goodies there. Well I finally have the time to do a proper review of what I gotten that day and this is what I got. A Green Haro!

* Say Haro to everyone Haro!

I saw a Haro on the front counter of Gunpla Expo and remember Dennis had one at his home.  So I asked where and how much he gotten it then. He told me it was sometime back where he ordered from oversea. I told him having a Haro is a cool thing. When the event opened, I saw Haro was on sale. There were Orange, Green and Pink Haro and without considering much, I got a Green Haro!

* Multi Box Nandemoharo... Now that's a mouthful.

Basically this Haro is Multi box container which is practical to have one at home to put in stuff like letters, loose changes, keys and use it as a Snack Jar. (That what it was suggested in the box)...

Time to Open the Toy!

The pieces and instruction was arranged nicely in the box.

There are basically 3 pieces. One the top of Haro, the base of Haro and one stand to prevent Haro from rolling around. The instruction sheet instruction was simple. You just need to align and snap Haro together. There are some stickers for Haro eyes. A pair of Black and Red to simulate the eyes are lighting up.

There was a marking inside Haro indicating the year 2003 which should marked the design of this toy.

Here was the assembled Haro without having the eye stickers apply on it.

I have decided to go with Black for the eyes. Nice!

There was a button on the Top of Haro...

By pressing on it, Haro's ears will spring open allowing you to deposit or withdraw things stored inside Haro...

I am uncertain if this Haro is 1:1 scale but it certainly look close to the actual Haro in Gundam World. Here's Haro with OTTi which is around 2"++ and the Lego Stormtrooper clock close to 12 inches.

The Opening of Haro allow a adult hand to put in comfortably.

Now what should I put in?

For start, I can store some toys in it!

* OTTi: Please don't leave me here!

Or maybe some keys beside the door for my family members?

* OTTi: Not very secure...

Or a place to drop some loose changes?

* OTTi: That would be a Piggy bank!

Well whatever it is, I strongly suggest to put some cushion in Haro so the dropping of the objects such as keys and coins will not cause loud noises.

I am glad to finally have a Haro ball in my collection and my child had a good time pressing the button to see the springing of the ears and closing it back. I hope the spring won't become loose soon. LOL


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