Rocky Boxer, Lego Minifigures Series 5

Boxing matches never fascinate me until I watched the series of Rocky's movie. Since then whenever I saw anything boxing related, the first thing I thought of is Rocky. Naturally when I saw Lego Minifigures Series 5 has a Boxer, I relate the toy to Rocky much thanks to the franchies created and personify by Sylvester Stallone.

This is a great toy for it's scale and size. For a Lego, it is special as instead of a C-clip hands, the boxer has two gloved hands and a head gear. He also wore a belt which has boxing sign on it. Pretty Neat.

He comes with two facial expression which was embedded both side of it's head piece. So when you rotate the head, the face will change accordingly. One was a confident or some will called it a cocky looks.

While on the other end was a battle damaged looks with a blur expression recovering from a knock out perhaps.

Depending what you like, you can pose the figure with the expression you wanted. If you have two (which I do not have), you can pose it as a boxing match with one knock out and one victor. Oh what fun. :)

While I do not have a Boxer, I substituted it with a baseball player as his match with the Boxer looking for trouble to fight.

I do hope our so called Rocky the boxer learned his lesson. LOL

Talking about Rocky, it is one of those movie that inspired me especially the last installment Rocky Balboa where the aging Rocky who was way over his prime decided to have one last fight. His son who was overshadowed by him didn't gave him the support and instead asked him to back down as it will make him (Rocky's son) looked bad. Rocky gave a one speech that knock some sense to his son and also to many of us I believed. Just look at the video below as Rocky the Father, fathering his son.

Life is never going to make it easy for everyone and may knock you down but don't stay down!

Every fighter has one last fight in them. Use that before the end. :)


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