Revoltech Lightning McQueen Coming

After Nemo and Wall.E, Revoltech Pixar series next in line would be Lightning McQueen from Cars.

I have a couple of Lightning McQueen personally but there were all from Cars 2. One from Mattel another one from TakaraTomy which was a Capsule toy. Both of these Lightning McQueen, my child enjoyed it very much for his play time fun.

What make revoltech special was the amount of details at the car parts and decals. If you must know, this is the Cars 1 movie version of Lightning McQueen.

It was first of it kind to allow changes in expression such as the eyes and the mouth by changing of the pieces. It bring in such life to the characters.

Another unique feature was the articulation such as the wheels which you seen in movie but none of the toyline did that only Revoltech is doing that.

That is possible as the wheels of the cars have unique designs joints which consist of 7 joints and 11 points of articulation that make it articulated.

What is a car if the car is not able to roll it wheels? Well revoltech did more than that as this Lightning McQueen is able to roll by itself with the help of an old technology found on Toy cars. Just by pulling back the car, it will charge it's energy and upon release, the car will zoom front. What more can we asked for right?

This 3rd installment of Pixar revoltech will be releasing in January 2012 at a price point of 2,286JPY.


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