One Piece Ar Cards preview at AFA 2011

For those who are One Piece fan and who own a iPhone or iPad2, here is a game just for you!
It is the One Piece Ar Cards!

There are total of 40 cards but there are only 3 characters in a pack.

Here is a sample of a pack which consist of 3 characters.

Each of this character on front side of the card will display the mission difficulty (total 5 stars which the full stars will be the most difficult) and some of the bio status of the character.

At the back of the card will be a scan code that uses the iPhone or iPad camera to capture the code and use the character in the game.

In the camera screen, the character will appear to be 3D on the card.

The surface some of the card are special hologram which make the card more attractive to collect. Chopper, I like!

Now that we talked about the card, now let's talk about the game play on your iPhone or iPad apps. The app in the iTune store is FREE! You can download that here

What you need to do is in the App, point your camera on the card and the character will appear in 3D. Try moving it around and you will see the character will follow your movement in 3D as he stand on the card.

So by scanning each character, you get to play these character in the game. If you are thinking of scanning others card with your iPhone and not buying the card, then you maybe mistaken. After scanning certain characters in your APP, you need to capture a QR code that comes with the packet of card to retain the character in your devices. So you cannot cheat in this case.

In the game, the battle has 3 options: Attack, Defense and Use Item. When you attack, you can do damage to your opponent but you will take the maximum damage from your opponent too. However if you choose defense, you will take much lesser damage and your special bar will increase more. If your HP is low or you need additional help in the battle, you can choose use item to give you a edge in the battle provided you have those tools with you there and then.

When your special bar is full, it is time to execute your special move which will do the maximum damage.

A special graphic will be played so you can see the special move of your character in full glory.

Always try to use your finishing move to finish your opponent. It will be dramatic. Full of Win!!

Please note that currently there are only Japanese version only, however in time to come, there maybe possibility to have the Apps and the cards in English or other languages.

If you are in Singapore, these card will be on sale first time in Singapore during AFA 2011 happening this week. So far the response from other country was overwhelming. So if you are going down to AFA 2011, head over to buy these cards while stock last.


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