M'quve's Urn

Day 3 and it is time for me to open up pocket number 3!

Today the information behind the label seems to be talking about cutting fuel of the enemies... The question is who is the enemies here?

Today mystery gift, a urn or more like a big vase to me.

This Urn belongs to M'quve, one of the member of Zeon. Don't get me wrong, this is not his urn like someone keeping ashes in those type. Apparently Mr. M'quve is a collector of antique and with his wealth, he picked up such hobby so to speak.

This is suppose to be more like Porcelain vase but somehow the toy lack of glossy surfaces and more like a clay vase to me.

Now that this Urn is with me, I kinda of think Mr. M'quve will be rather unhappy..

At the bottom of the base, is Bandai production marking that stated Made in China. Do you know Porcelain has another named called China? That is because China was the one who invented Porcelain. For all you know, M'quve's Urn is made from China too. LOL

The Urn stir the interest of Son Goku. It seems like this urn kind of remind him of some childhood memories....

This Urn is good for decoration but I seriously doubt this object will be popular to Gundam's fan.


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