Micro Robot Damashii G3 Gundam

Finally we are down to the last countdown for Gundam One Year war. Pocket number 10 which is the Big one...

The back of the label is like an awaking scene from the movie but what matter is the content I am after in the pocket!.

FInally the grand prize, a Robot damashii Gundam!! .

The packaging has the G3 Gundam well printed

At the back of the package, you can see the word Micro which defer from the Robot Damashii series. That is because this is a micro version of the actual Robot Damashii.

Even this is the Micro version, the scale of the toy and the package make you think this is a full size toy in photos.

The level of details on Gundam is quite decent.

G3 Gundam comes with his Gun and shield. As for articulation, both arms and neck can be rotated.

Even thought I got G3 Gundam, I kinda wished that I have the original RX78-2 color scheme better.

That being said, it is time for me to conclude the countdown for the last 10 days. Here are the group photo of the prizes in this game.

NEAT? Well I hope that hype us up for the Gundam Expo Singapore starting tomorrow at Compass Point till 27th of November 2011. The event is FREE entry and it is open to all! I will report on what is happening there later tomorrow. :)


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