Kidrobot Stewie Griffin from Family Guy

I know there were Simpsons' toys but for Family Guy, I have never expect there will be some but I just learned there were and they were from Kidrobot.

There were a number of the characters too design in blind pack with some rare figurines.

I was rather specific to get one of the character in the series which is none other than Stewie Griffin, an one-year-old prodigy one of it's kind.

Truth to be told, I was not so lucky to get one which the rate was 2/16 but I was lucky enough to get it loose on offer. How can I say no since I love his character in the series.

When open the box, as usual was the figure which in Kidrobot design captured the persona of Stewie very well.

At the sole of his feet are inscription of trademark and copyrights of the character and toy.

One of the feature of the figure that I will never expect was the view from the top of Stewie which I never seen it in the TV series and there it was. In full 3D!! The hair look so cute!! LOL

The figure was not alone, it comes with accessories such as his teddy bear Rupert and a sticker card of Stewie. Pretty cute!

There it was, Stewie Griffin landed himself in a strange land with his trusted friend Rupert the Teddy bear.

Stewie seems to be terrify but still have to be strong for Rupert.

Along came my toy OTTi. He is going to welcome Stewie?

Oh no. OTTi is being a Bully to Stewie... Play nice OTTi!

I don't think Stewie can hold the bear on his arms...

.... Okay given a benefit of doubts, we never know if Stewie can one day hold the bear with both of his hands....

Do you think Stewie can do that someday?

Overall I enjoy this figure very much even though the Toy cannot hold his teddy bear, it served as a great accessory as Rupert the teddy bear was one major thing that related to Stewie. It is the best accessory if you asked me in term of characters.


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