Gunpla Builder World Cup 2011 Singapore Winners

The results of the Gunpla Builder World Cup Singapore is finally out today. I was there to see who is representing Singapore this year for the GBWC2011 today.

Before that, let's go through those creative custom for Bearguy. There are 3 winners of that custom BearGuy and there are the Zaku Guy.

Superman BearGuy.

And the football fan choice which is the Man-U BearGuy.

For Junior Category representing Singapore, this is the winner.

The winner is a 14 years old regular participant and with all his years of hardwork, he will be representing Singapore this year. It is always a good thing to see the grow of Junior Category. There was even a female gunpla modeller and a prize winner! There is hope for the future of Gunpla hobby indeed.

Now for the result of all we are waiting for. From third place, it's a modeller by the name of Waylander.

In second position, it is Gundam AGE related.

Finally the winner of GBWC2011 representing Singapore!!! wished for the best of luck for Singapore! :)

The prize presentation went off with a bang!

Not forgetting the 5 winners who took part on the my blog Giveaway which was in line with the event. All 5 got a HG Gundam model kit sponsored by Shengtai Toys and Bandai.

It really fun to meet up with fellow Gunpla lover for this event. I hope all of you have fun too. :)


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