Gunpla Builder World Cup Singapore Entries

One of the event highlights of Gunpla Expo was the Gunpla Builder World Cup entries.

Here are some of the entries starting from the Junior category for Singapore.

I am pretty impressed with the quality done by the Junior not more than 12 years of age.Just look at the sparkly Bearguy.

Some of the damaged battle scenes.

Move on to the open categories. Some interesting scenes like Zaku go fish. :)

Finder Keepers...

Bands of 00s??

Red I mean Gold frame...

Zaku Sniper, one shot one killed.

I love the matt black paint on this kit.

But nothing compare to this big Devil Scorpions looking Gundam

Beside the Devil Scorpions, there was another Big O.

There was medieval looking Gundam as well

Leon Ku's entries for this year!

Some actually make good backgrounds like this first invasion...

I love it's color tone of the figure.

An entry from Waylander, the mobile suit is made of pure gold.

Finally some Gunpla image Girls!

A closed up on the Gunpla Image Girls of that day.

There are other more entries which I failed to take. Head down from now till 27th of November 2011 and see for yourself in term of scales and details.


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