Earth Federation Forces Helmet

The first Gundam One year war countdown and I was excited to see what I am going to get first in "Minna no Advent: Mobile Suit Gundam" series.

What will it be in Box number 1?

Slowly I peeled the cover and there were some wording printed on the inner side of the label.

I got a Earth Federation Forces Helmets. For this helmet, there should be 3 colors to choose from and the one that I got was Yellow in color.

The helmet is more like a apparel accessories to put on bags, keychian or any where you want to hold it on.

I am curious if this helmet can fit on any of my toy collection and true enough after a few try on various toys and this happen to be the most fitting after tested on many other toys.

Even on the side, you can see Ryu face nicely in the helmet.

If you are not sold, this shot really look natural.

However I cannot imagine myself Ryu being a pilot even to pilot a GM....Can you?


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