Begin Gundam One Year War Countdown

As mention earlier, Open the Toy will be opening this unique toy for a countdown. The Gundam One Year War....

This fun toy box is from Bandai and in it are 10 items from the Gundam series in the era of the One Year War of the UC..

This toy was released in the year 2009 but only recently I decided to open it up. This is a Minnano Advent Gundam box set and the concept is to have 10 toys in 10 pockets which you have no idea where is what toys in the pocket.

Such toys are popular especially for countdown festive events such as New year, Christmas and whatever special events. The box explained some of the choice you can do such as letting you to open as countdown, all at once, party lucky draw, reward for yourself if you have done something good or reward worthy or simple open 1 toys per year. It is all up to you.

There are 10 pockets just for you. Everyone for you to looking forward to open it up. Of course the grand prize will number 10 as it is the biggest of it all. Save the best for last they said.

At the back of the box is a glimpse of what could be inside the box. Isn't it amazing?

Since Gunpla Expo is 10 days away from now, it make good sense to countdown with every one of this toy each day.

So join me in this 10 days countdown and see what new toy I get each of this day. :D


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