TakaraTomy Cars 2 McQueen & Francesco Capsule Toys

Today I am going to review a gashapon / capsule toys that I find worth any penny you pay for if not more. This series is from the recent animation Cars 2. The whole set of five different cars from the movie.

These are not ordinary capsule toys, they each comes with motor movement mechanism and racing car decals. That make it double the fun. I went for two tries and on the first turn, I got Francesco Bernouli a Formula 1 racing car.

The first thing I notice is the wheels are good quality flat rubber that give a good grip to the ground. In order for the car to move by itself, you have to pull back the car and let it go.

As I stated before, Francesco comes with his own decals.

In the package, the instruction on where to place the decal is properly documented. Without understanding of Japanese, the instruction is still easy to figure out

Getting the small decals to the capsule toys is no laughing matter. You need to be very careful of what you are doing

It does take long tho to put the decal on Francesco. Now Francesco is ready.

On my second try, I was lucky to get Lightning McQueen. Out of the package, this is how he look like.

Don't worry, McQueen comes with his own decal which is more complicated than Francesco.

However putting it on is not as difficult as it look. I did that within 10 minutes.

The decal really bring live to McQueen as a racing champion.

With the quality and design of the toy, each of this car is worth more than 300yen if you asked me. If you asked me, these are more fun than the previous Mattel Lightning McQueen car that I got for my son.

With McQueen and Francesco, me and my son can have a racing match on our own.

Who do you think will win the Open the Toy Piston Cup?

McQueen or Francesco?


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