Revoltech Pixar Figure Collection Nemo and Wall.E

Revoltech following the success of Woody and Buzzlightyears, Revoltech will release more Pixar Figure Collection in mid December 2011 and they are a branch of cuties. They are Nemo from Finding Nemo and Wall.E.

Let's talk about Nemo. One of the character in Pixar series which has less worthy toy for such a popular character and series. Revoltech face the challenge of how to make a fish toy interesting. Nemo was not alone, the forgetful auntie Dory is with him. For a moment I mistaken Nemo for his father, Marlin since Dory was there. 

When I see one side having a smaller fin, I know that is Nemo. Revoltech had made the toy more interesting by giving them different expression.

As for No.002, it would be the cute and faithful robot, Wall.E The paint job and other details are great on this toy. Just look at the rust and dirty paints on Wall.E/

Wall.E comes with many accessories from the scene of the movie such as the compressed metal box and the plant in shoes...

Not forgetting the fire extinguisher that cause him to dance in space and Wall.E ability to transformed himself to a box.

I am pretty sure Eve maybe in the pipeline since Wall.E is made.

Both of these toys are priced at 1,800 Yen when it released in mid December this year. I am pretty sure these will be hot especially Wall.E.

So fan of Pixar, look out for these!


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