Playmobil Fi?ures Series 1: Dragon Knights

I read and blog about Playmobil Fi?ures series1 sometime back. My patience paid off as I finally saw the blind pack on sale in Singapore retail. Without much hestiation, I went ahead to buy a couple of these since the pricing is cheaper than the Lego Minifigures.

Like many others, I did not just buy any random pack as I was aiming for some particular figures in this series. So I adopted the feeling method and that surely increased my odds however I was still not that good so I did hit and missed some in the process. One of the factor was I didn't expect the figure parts to be separated so it is hard to feel every small parts inside the packages. Here let me show you how it was like out of packaging.

Yes I got the Dragon Knight. Wicked right? There was instruction to show how to assemble the figure. Seriously this is the first time I put together a playmobil figure although I have couple of them in my childhood but never once I assemble or disassemble them in such condition.

Allow me to show you the parts and process together.. Firstly the legs

There is only one way to put the belt on and therefore have the belt to go unto the body before putting on the hands.

Then you put on the hands

The Dragon knight come with an armor shoulder blade which the dragon wings to be fitted. We will touch on that much later. Now put on the head. At this point notice the eye was drew half way higher than the usual mold. The eyes do look cheeky and the hair was more like a chain mall in metallic.

The Dragon Knight's helmet comes with three pieces to form the helmet.

The helmet kept true to knight helmet which enable the helmet to pull down or pushing up the face piece.

I notice the hand paint stroke on the helmet.

The standard of the weapons allocated to the knights were Crossbow, tower shield and a sword.

The design of the crossbow fit on the playmobil's hand pretty well. Good effort.

When I equipped him with his sword, I saw the transformation of Playmobil's hands. See how the arms joints able to do rotation?

When the sword is not in play, the sword can be fitted on the belt.

Next part to assemble will be the Dragon wing on the Knights. The wings gave the flexibility to pose and to use.

My fun was short live as I discovered my packet comes with two right wings...

Could this be accidental?

Thank goodness the other blind pack I got was the Dragon Knights and everything was in order. So now I have two Dragon Knights.

I have not much intention to build army for this Dragon Knights. I was a bit disappointed to have an incomplete parts in the series.

I will review some more blind pack which I got later. :)


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