Military Gals Vol.2 TakaraTomy

This is one of those haul I got from my final visit to Takashimaya 15th Crazy toy sales. It was going for just SGD$2.00 and the packaging and content interested me. This is a series for Volume 2 from TakaraTomy Japanese military uniform series.

These series captured the uniform of the Army, Air-Force and the Navy. There are in blind boxes which mean you cannot really made out which one you will get. However from the list of characters at the back the box, I like most of them. So I decided to buy 2 boxes.

Among 10 of them, I got the Navy female officer. Within the box, there was a card with the data of the character in Japanese.

At the other side of the card, some more information of the Navy and some of the limited edition of the coming series. This series however was released in 2007. It is only during the Toy sales such old stocks was sent out for Clarence.

The figure look decent and just like the illustration of the packaging with her left hand lifted up with her head dress. Although in military operation, I do not think such action and pose is allow. However making it a animated character, cuteness is all that matters.

The figure focus should be more of the detail of the uniform. So I will focus on that starting from her headdress. The logo of the Japanese Navy seal in gold is imprinted on the center of the head dress.

Next would be her name tag on her right torso and her badges on her left. In real life, both of these should be sewed on.

She is clearly an Navy officer judging on the rank on her shoulder from the figure. However I cannot be sure since I am not familiar with rank of the Japanese Navy.

As a female officer, she is allowed to wear heels for this set of uniform. I am sure not much male will notice nor care about ladies shoes but the ladies would be very much interested to take notice.

For this figure, I have tried to put on her hair dress however I do not think the head dress was made to scale...

It still look good on her hand rather than her head.

Finally here is the Navy female officer figure in her full glory. I think she is waving at you. LOL

Is it cute enough for you? I personally think this figure is just okay. Do you agree?


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