Mattel New Skeletor

My Master of the Universe toy review continue the last time I got a reboot Mattel He-man and with it, his Nemesis Skeletor. This is a toy I got loose from a fleamarket together with my He-man. 

The new Skeletor is tall and having a good built. He carry a sword on his back and a staff.

I love the new look of the staff with a ram skeleton but this version look more hardcore.

The Skeletor's face of this version I have is pretty plain with just one yellowish tone of his own mask. Nonetheless, the fearsome looks of Skeletor is still there.

The back view of Skeletor is amazing.

Unlike He-man, Skeletor armor are more provoking such as having sharp edges.

Do you know the new Skeletor never wear boots anymore? He is bare! The feet look kind of like web feet of the duck to me tho.

In battle, Skeletor can one hand wield his magical staff  and another hand hold his sword. It is such an action figure.

In comparison with the old Skeletor, the new one look superb in every way.

Since this is my last post for my He-man collection, I think it is proper to take a group photo of the old and New He-man figurines in my collections.

Do they look awesome? Thus this end of collection of He-man....unless somehow somewhere I found good offers again. :)


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