Grim Reaper Playmobil Fi?ures Series 1

Guess who's coming for Halloween?

Is it a Vampire? No not the fagged Twilight type of Vampire. Those old classic blood thirsting Vampire? Wait! It is removing his cape!

Now he look more like a undead Zombie...but who is he?

If you must know, he is a Grim Reaper.

This is the third packed of Playmobil Fi?ures that I have opened and instead of having wrong part like my previous encounter, this undead came with additional hand. Believe me I do not think it is on purpose. The quality control in the packing procedure is worrying...

Aside from having additional parts, he come with a spooky grin that will send a shiver down your spine. Parts of the body are painted with glow in the paint which look really cool when it is in a dark room.

This undead Playmobil is bare footed. You can see the toes which is a rare sight.

Beside having a cape, he comes with a hat too.

A Scythe is the choice of Grim Reaper for sure.

It is interesting to see the interpretation of Grim Ripper in Playmobil form. It is more modern looking compare to the hooded and unmasked form.

Nevertheless, it is still as scary as it can be especially in this alternate shot of him. Can you see the fire in his eyes?

Is he scary enough for you for this Halloween?


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