Female Zookeeper, Lego Minifigures Series 5

Another round of random packet of Lego Minifigures series 5 and I got myself the female Zookeeper.
She comes with her safari outfit, a big banana and a baby Chimpanzee.

Did I planned to get her? Answer is No but somehow I got her. Nonetheless, this Zookeeper is good looking. Seriously how often you see a pretty female zookeeper? She is a beauty if you asked me for this lego version. Just look at her facial expression.

To be honest, I like the Safari outfit. It kind of remind me of Luke skywalker wearing this when he first confronted with Darth Vader in Empire Strike back. The female zookeeper should complete her look with a Safari hat but that will kind of cover up her pony tail hairstyle. With that pony tail, she remind me of Lara croft.

Since she is a zookeeper, they should have her to look after some animal. So they throw in a baby chimpanzee. The Chimpanzee is suppose to be feed by the big banana. The Chimpanzee can carry well with the  Banana.

The size of the Chimpanzee allow the zookeeper to carry him.

Here's a short story of the Zookeeper.

Is theresome truth in that? You tell me. Meantime, the female Zookeeper is busy feeding herself.

Do you like the female zookeeper?


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