Drossel Capsule Toys

Around two years ago, Drossel from Disney was big in the internet. Two years later, I finally got a chance to get the latest Drossel Gashapon toys from TakaraTomy.

These set of capsule toys are just 4 Drossel with various outlook and 2 which is her servant robot. One of set contain the special Drossel which she became the Drossel 2.

The first try I got this lovely Drossel with kinda like two side bun "hair style".

The keystrap comes with Drossel and a book for Drossel. I removed the strap and let it be as a figure itself. Look pretty decent as a stand alone figure if I would say so myself.

The back of her head comes with an inscription of some writing that I cannot understand.

This is the first design of Drossel having tatoo looking design on her body. It gave her more character, not that she need that actually since she is one good looking robot with great personality.

On my second try on the capsule machine, I got this Drossel....

Looking into the big round eyes...

Who is this Drossel with big round eyes? This is the special or rare in the series. Introducing Drossel 2!

The new version make changes of her head no longer round but Alien looking (long shell head). Still acceptable I guess. See the logo of Drossel is still at the back of her head still remain.

At the bottom of her head, there is a valve as it look like something can be inserting into her brain. I have no idea that is for data or power connectivity. LOL

If you must know, Drossel 2 doesn't come with any feet and the actual toy come with big ugly thigh! How she stand on, I do not know. I never understand why they do that and may never will.

Compare to Drossel 1 and Drossel 2, I would still very much prefer Drossel 1 design. Maybe that is the reason why suddenly the love for Drossel in the internet die down.

Which is better for you? Drossel 1 or Drossel 2?


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