Custom OTTi by Caramelaw

For these Halloween, OTTi (the mascot of this site) is dolled up for the event. Apparently OTTi cosplay as Grumpie the Clown.

Under talented artist of Caramelaw who transformed a blank Baby Qee to be OTTi in colorful, candies outfit. This is one of it's kind custom!

Let's go down in details shall we? You can see all around OTTi were decorated by small furry balls around the hat and the neck. At the back of OTTi, a pretty blue wings. See how the lively colors blend together?

The charming logo of Caramelaw painted on the left forehead of OTTi. Love it!

Caramelaw gave OTTi a puppy looking eyes rather than the usual angry eyes of OTTi .

I would say a lot of effort were put on the details of tall hat of OTTi. You can see the layers of handmade pieces giving the 3D effects.

The red lolly look tasty.

And on the tip of the hat, a cute little purple heart.

I am totally impressed by Caramelaw painting skills and she hand painted with such neat details. The arrangement of the color and the design work really well. No wonder she had so many wonderful doll custom from all around the world!

It is great to see how well OTTi look in Caramelaw's candy style which look sweet but not too girly at the same time.

It was a great honor to an established artist to do up this OTTi custom for me. You can see more wonderful works of Caramelaw over at her website. Go over and I am pretty sure you will be a fan of her work after reading. :)


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