The Clown, Lego Mini Figures series 5

Alas I can get my hands on the Lego Mini figures series 5. I went for random pack selection as it is more truth is I cannot find any cheat code on this series. Like many others collector who go for random pack, you got to go with your feel which particularly I am not very good in this area.

I was going for the Dwarf but I ended up getting this Clown.

This would be one of the least I desire for in this series and funny fate like to play a trick on me. Looking on the bright side of life, I think it is okay since I don't have any Clown at the moment and I hope not to get any extra of him.

The Clown seems happy to be picked tho.

For this unique review, I have to call on another mini figures for comparison so you can get to see what so special about the Clown. Clown say Aloha to the Hawaii girl.

By now you would notice the Clown stood shorter than another mini figure. Even with his hat on, he stood half a head shorter.

The cause of his height are due to the Clown having a shorter leg. Do you see how much shorter was his legs?

The only accessories of the Clown is none other than his cream pie.

The Clown has a funny way to hold the Pie. Having a C clip hands, the base of the pie is a circle and the only way that the Clown can hold the pie is this way indicating in the photo. Not very secure...

Maybe it was intentional for the Clown to throw the pie on others face... Nonetheless due to the height difference, the Pie cannot reach many other faces.

I found a new way to use the Pie tho. The pie can fit on the Clown head well!

Now the Clown look funny is it?

I don't think the Clown love that arrangement.

Funny guy?


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