20th Anniversary Sonic The HedgeHog Toys

Great news for Sonic fan. The 20th Anniversary Sonic the HedgeHog toy line had hit Singapore especially ToyRus.

This series offer various size and character from the Sonic Universe these 20 years.
To begin with, there are 3.75 inches toys of Sonic from different year. First we have Sonic from 1991 game design. That was the time I played Sonic on the Sega Genesis. Sonic was round and young.

Seven years later in 1998, Sonic design mature and Sonic no longer a cute round fella but quite a tall and good built. He look more mature.

One of the earlier side partner with Sonic was none other than Tails which can control by the 2 Players. This is Tails in 1992. So cute!

Tails return 18 years later....

As the years goes by, more joined into the ranks. In year 2000, Shadow came into being.

In year 2003, Knuckles came into being.

In 2006, Silver came into the picture.

If you think only Sonic evolve, think again. Sonic Nemesis evolve too.

If you want a bigger size Sonic toy, there are 5 inches ones which up scale some of the sizes.

If the sonic still not the right size for you, then you can go for the giant Sonic more than 12 inches.

Do you know there are Super Sonic? It is golden in color and remind me very much like Super Saiyan from Dragonball.

They are only available in 5 inches and they come in a set.

So if you are Sonic fan, this is a good time get the toy. Or you can wait for the Nendoroid Sonic from Good smile company.

Meanwhile here's a Trailer of Sonic 20th Anniversary.

Do you love Sonic too?


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