Pichu Bros Pokemon Train TakaraTomy

One of the fun toy for children will be the train and I have been looking out for one. I found one at my visit to 15th Takashimaya crazy toy sales. It's a toy train from TakaraTomy of the Pichu bros Pokemon train and if you must know, it was going for SGD$12.00. :D

The back of the box shows what were in the box orderly such as the train battery location using one AA battery, the switch on top of the train and the two lego like figurines to seat on the passengers compartment.

I first placed the Pokemon land "ground sheet" and spend 3 minutes or so to assemble the tracks, place the battery and setting up the train tracks while my son was looking at amazement of his new toy.

The switch is on top of the train compartment.

This is where the battery that power up the train is. It is inside the "coal" compartment.

Personally I always like the design of such old fashion train over any model train design. It's a classic.

The Pokemons on the train give it charms and my son love that too.

The passenger carriage was painted green rather than the red which was rather refreshing. At the back of the carriage, it was another pokemon picture (Plant type pokemon).

The roof of the passengers carriage can be remove for you to place the two passengers with ease.

So the train goes round and round on the pokemon land and my son spent an hour of fun watching it travelling round and round while I looked at my son's happy face.

PS: the Pikachu is not included. :)


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