My Vintage Mattel Battle Armor Skeletor

The last week I share with you the first He-man that I owed way back in the 1980s. What the use of Hero without a Villain? So after having a He-man, I decided to save whatever little allowance from my parents to get a Skeletor.  To match my Battle Armor He-man, I got myself a Battle Armor Skeletor.

I had a hard time saving that SGD$10 back then and I couldn't do that without the help of the Angbao (red packets) I received during Chinese Lunar New year. When my amount is enough, I had to plan where and how to sneak out alone to the department store to get this toy without my parent discovering it. It was really a challenge and somehow my parents never get to find out. I guess you can consider that as an achievement back then. LOL

Today my Battle Armor Skeletor comes with his goat headed staff which used to give me an eerie feeling.

His purple sword was repainted to grey. Why I repainted that was one of those clueless things when one is growing up.

In term of details, Skeletor's armor has more details than He-man. You can see the bat sign and the skull in the middle of his chest.

The Battle Armor action on his chest still works but the movement is a bit tight due to aging. I am thankful it still works tho.

Lastly is his face features. Maybe because he is a toy for children, his suppose to be evil looking skull face look friendlier to me. Like He-man, his face is made of rubber but unlike He-man, the paint on his face did not loose as much as He-man himself.

After having this Skeletor, I put a full stop to my He-man collection as other toys got my attention and my budget set  on other toys. Nonetheless, I had hours of fun playing him with my He-man for many battles and adventures in my childhood.

Do you owned this Skeletor in your collection too?


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