My Vintage Mattel Battle Armor He-man

The year was 1986 just before Christmas. He-man was a big deal and I was given one on a request for my good result in school examination. It was a reward that I pleaded with my parents.

My parents' generation never understood the value on Toys like me. I can't blame them as they are from a generation that having food on the table was consider lucky having to go through the war and early nation building years.

Because I earned this toy with my hard work, I kept this toy till today.

I remember I went to ToyRus and ran to the aisle of the He-man hunting up and down for a He-man. Originally I wanted the normal He-man with the cross belt across his chest but I couldn't find it. Worse, there was no He-man on sight. I would not settle for any other figure. After going through everyone in the peg, I finally found this Battle Armor He-man.

It was left hidden behind pegs because of it's card condition. It was a blessing to me as if it was not of the card condition, someone would have got it leaving me with none. I couldn't care about the condition of the card as I will OPEN THE TOY to play. So I left happy with my first Battle Armor He-man.

Well if you think my story begin in 1986 is old, this He-man figure could be older than that. Look at the license of this toy. Back in the 1980s, most toys (like Starwars from Kenner) were made in Hongkong but surprising this Mattel He-man was made in Taiwan. I didn't know Taiwan made toys.

The more I looked at the Battle Armor He-man, the more I love him. Not only because of the gimmick of the Battle Armor damage was fun to play with, but the design of him having an Armor made more sense as a warrior.

If you must know, the battle armor pieces was a roller and it is still working today but the condition of the spring is lacking it grip. It's an old toy...

This toys had some feature or detail that kinda bug me. For one, the armor on his arms were not painted and second his sword was only half as in the other side of the sword is flat without details. The muscles of He-man was great thou.

The whole body except the head were made of plastic and as years goes by, the figure became very sticky and I had spend sometime cleaning the stickiness. The head which is rubber do not give up any stickiness but the color on the face are fading.

Beside the stickiness of this figure, it was not in the best of it condition. I had lost some of his original accessories such as the Battle Axe and his legs fell apart as the rubber joint gave way. I have to use Super glue to glue it into place.

All in all, these "rescue" mission was done for sentimental value of this figure. I am sure some of the Toy collector will understand. :)


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