My Limitation of Toy Collecting

We have just enter into the month of September. I have slow down quite a lot in toy collecting. I guess it is a natural stage of most collectors and the contributing factor I am facing now are as follows and as always :P

Now I know there are some collectors who do not have a budget when they are in the heat of collecting. Being a experience toy collector, I paid my due of learning some lessons regarding the importance of budgeting. I bought quite a number of toys during some cycle of hype and only later to sacrifice in other areas to make up for it.

As I started a family and raising my own child, budgeting become more vital to me.

Rule of thumb, never buy toys with the money you don't have yet.

As my toy collections grow, I run to the limitation of space. Even though I opened my toys, the display and storage space in my home are limited nonetheless. When I start looking for space, I look at my own toy collection and group them into the following categories:

A. "I am happy to have this"
This is the category of something that I wanted to have for a long time and finally got it. Most of the time these toys are some childhood icons or toys that I missed out during that time and they were release again in a new and better way.

B. "Cool, I have this"
These are toys which I have that I feel neutral about it. It is not saying I am not happy with them but more to the value on them are not as much as those I really wanted and got it. Normally such toys may not make it to the post here on time. One such example that fall into this category would be Mattel Cars 2 Lightning McQueen which belongs to my son. LOL

C. "Huh? I have this?" 
These are the type of toys that I have store them somewhere and one fine day when I was packing the room and I rediscover them. Much of these toys were gotten during some shopping spree and when came back home just put them in one corner and the "out of sight, out of mind" thingy happen.

D. "Why the heck I got this?"
These would be the regrettables. These toys would be more like paying a big sum during the hype period and later you asked yourself why did you get that toy at that price point. Because of the price you payed for it, you would not want to let it go and not because you fancy the toy in anyway.

Someone once commented about my blog and toy collection being diverse without much concentration to one genre. I can't really collect them all as the money, time and effort to follow it through are just too much for me. Why do I have to buy some characters or figures in the series just to complete the collection? It will likely to take up space and later a new and better one were made and much later grew to hate that figure because of space.

From the years of toy collecting in my personal manner and experience, I go for what I like with whatever money that I have so that when I look into my toy collection, I will not have regrets of paying certain amount to buy something that I do not really fancy.

Above are my personal point of view of toy collecting. It may not apply to everyone as every person have different ways to view their collection and obtaining their level of satisfaction and happiness.

What about you?


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