Miku Hatsune Project Mirai 3Ds

I heard news of Sega is putting Miku Hatsune Vocaloid to Nintendo 3Ds. News like this get me excited and here are what you can expect from 3Ds.

Firstly the name is called Project Mirai on Nintendo 3Ds and this version they are using the SD / Nendo / Chibi version of Miku Hatsune.

Taking the 3D features, the game will make 2D game screen and convert it to 3D effects.

Another feature they make used of 3Ds is the camera capture which placing a card on a surface and when you use the camera to focus on the card, the 3D character will be supper impose to the location of the camera.

The game play like Project Diva have to be catching the beat and rhythm and hit the key accordingly.

The game will be out in March 2012 and the trailer can be found on this link to nicovideo

Will you get this game on 3Ds?


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