Vanity in Love: McDonalds Happy Meal Smurfs

Smurfs have finally landed in Singapore McDonalds along with the movie in 3D. I was busy with my work until I got home and discovered my son playing with a NEW Smurf. New as in not in my collection. Only then it dawned on me that Smurfs had landed in Singapore McDonalds Happy Meal Toy.

Along with Smurfette, my wife choose for my son Vanity Smurf from the movie version.

The figure has a decent appearance, however the back was not too well done as the switch and two screws holes are very much visible. I am certain that Vanity Smurf won't like that.

However I doubt that Vanity ever notice his back as he always look very much in the mirror looking at his face.

Now you maybe wondering what the switch at the back is for. If you raise his left hand holding the mirror to a certain position, his heart will light up.

At the base of Vanity are the Trademarks marking.

I have an original version of Vanity and I decided to put them together for a comparison.

You can see the appearance and the scale difference of these two smurfs. Personally I still like the original version. The movie version look too serious and kinda freaky to me.

If you are observance, you may also spotted the position and the color of the flower on his head. One is pink on his left while another yellow on his right.

I did some searching and found that both version are valid. Somehow somewhere someone drew and color differently. But I do remember his flower is pink. That's the Vanity that I know.

I always love the the Smurfs as most of them represent something of Human nature or character. For Vanity is all about loving and adoring oneself. It is perfectly alright to love yourself but do not over do it. There's always a price to pay for anything.

Is Vanity your favourites Smurf?


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