Mattel He-man

Since Mattel had release the new He-man, I always wanted to get some. However the Mattel business model doesn't make it friendly for some of us who are not in US. Anyway I can wait and my patience payed off once again when I saw the latest He-man selling loose in a flea market. Since I used to had a Battle armor He-man, I decided to get the original He-man for the new release.

Just like the classic He-man, he comes with the sword, battle axe and shield. The sword can be kept on his back.

The muscle of this He-man is well detailed even on the side.

Talking about the details, I personally like his boots. It was well detailed too.

*These boots are made for walking. (No innocent animal are harmed in the making of these boots?)

As for the face, it is younger than the vintage He-man. However from the expression you can't tell if he is happy or serious. Quite a confused look if you asked me.

The new He-man was more taller and in better proportion than the vintage one. Here's a comparison.

The new He-man has more articulation making it more fun to pose.

By the power of Greyskull!

I have the power!!!

Overall getting this new He-man is something in my must have list and I am glad to got this. As for the pricing, the old He-man I got in 1986 was SGD$9.90 while more than 20 years later, one of these new He-man series is going for around SGD$50... Is it worth it? Looking on par with inflation of food which goes 2.5 times, these toyline went up definately went up more than food.

Anyway this He-man toyline is more for collectors and not for kids... Basically I find it is over-rated.


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