Hotwheels Master of the Universe

It has been sometime I read about Master of the Universe and Hotwheels coming together to have a series for themselves. Basically it is the blending of MOTU stickers on Hotwheels cars. I don't think we will see these in real life but it provide a concept and collectibles for Master of the Universe fans.

I saw some personally when I was in Malaysia. Here's one of the He-man team.

If I would get these, I may not open the toy because the packaging is really one of the kind. For team Skeletor, here is one of them.

Here is a shot putting them side by side.

They are interesting but I personally didn't get these as I would not open them up because of the packaging and I don't really fancy the car models regardless the stickers on it still look good. To be honest, some of the decals and car type is kinda of a mismatched if you ask me. I wouldn't imagine if there are a real car in such decals.

Can you?


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