Figma Miku Append Version

Since the day I read about Miku Hatsune Append version, I totally felt in love with it. When Figma announced to produce her, I set aside my budget just for her. After a long wait and a little delay, Miku Hatsune Append version within my grasp.

Since I pre-ordered her, the price is good. However there was another version who pre-order which will come with a headphone for Miku. Nonetheless, I learned to appreciate what I have. If you must know, Miku Append marked the number 100 of Figma series...(I didn't know it was that much).

The presentation of Miku in Append Version theme was good.

While the back of the box display the wonderful pose and looks of Append Miku.

This Miku comes total of 3 facial expressions and lots of parts to interchange.

Here's Miku out of the box and she can stand pretty well by herself.

The original face that come with Miku is a youthful and cheerful one.

You can strike various pose with her hands movement.

Miku look so fine! Happy Miku face!

At the back of Miku, the detail of her Append costume look futuristic to me

At her left leg, she wore a band of CRYPTON Future Media logo

Around her waist was another add on of her costume.

You can add another accessories of her costume which is tail looking. It maybe grounding cable of sorts which you can attached it on Miku's back.

There were another upper arms part to change for Miku

Now comes another expression which I love it. The ice cold Miku looks.

I personally love this look of Miku. So serious and icy looking but beautiful.

She look more stunting with her pose! Miku unleashed.

With that, we moved on to Miku Append famous pose.

This is one pull factor for me to buy this Figma.

Not forgetting Miku has a closed eyes face and that look equally good as Icy looks.

And finally the floating pose.

I really love this figma Miku! What about you? XD

If you love this Miku, you can get it here too.


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