BlockMaster Vehicles

Today I am going to share with you 2 Vehicles from this toy named called BlockMaster. Before I proceed, I have to say that this is a purely sharing session of these toys I pick up recently. I am in no way promoting for it.

The reason why I pick this up is I saw it has the concept of Lego. However the package is all written in Korean which I do not understand. Only the title of the Toy is in English. Anyway here's a tank that was suppose to driven remotely.

The box is small and simple looking. Without knowing Korean languages, I still can make it up by the picture and the total pieces of block is 34.

When I open the toy, the pieces were packed nicely in a sealed plastic bag and the instruction is simple to understand.

* Please note the figure is not inclusive as I put that Lego figure as a comparison and want to see at the end of the day can the Lego figure fit on it.

In less than 5 minutes, I assemble it but I made some modification as I wanted to put the figure to ride on it. See the difference?

If you are wondering how the quality is like, here's a close up view. You judge yourself.

Now the golden moment. Can a Lego figure fit on it? The answer is Yes.

The other I picked up was a Jet ski that goes on water.

This vehicle has lesser part and it took less than 2 minutes to assemble it.

For this one, I did exactly how it was suppose to be since it can fit a rider.

One addition thing for this vehicle are the stickers that was given together to stick it on the block. Look really good.

Now my Lego pirate can ride the Jet ski for getting some loot. LOL

I have no idea if these toy are truly from Korea tho. And do not asked me why it can fit Lego as I am as clueless as you. If you have information to share about this toy, I would like to hear it especially why it resemble Lego. All I have to say it look fun.


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