Tokidoki Unicorn Metallo Toy

I got one of the Tokidoki Unicorn at Play Imaginative outlet last week. It was a blind box as I like to take chances.

I was captured by the colorful designs of the packaging and the toys.

I know traditionally colourful Unicorn was a big pull to the female gender but there are some cool or macho designs for the male as well such as Fumo and Metallo. Tokidoki has done a good job in putting a balance on these Unicorns.

If you must know, the most hot Unicorn is Prima Donna.

As a measurement against cheating, the packaging comes with a silver packet that enclosed the toy within. What could it be?

Time to Open the toy!

And the result is ...*drum roll

Metallo!! The design is so mecha looking even with reflective silver paint giving it as a robot Unicorn of some sort.

The only design of Tokidoki was found on it's chest and the rest of metal plates on it's body.

As a Unicorn, Metallo has it's horn and punky sharp looking mane.

Metallo has metal wings but they cannot be flap and a lightning looking tail.

I was glad to have Metallo which made a nice edition in my toy collection and with my OTTi toy

If I have a chance to pop by Play Imaginative again, I will get some more of these Unicorns.

Until next time, go buy some Unicorns. :)


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