TO-FU Oyako Fair @ Isetan Scotts

If you have not known, there is a TO-FU Oyako Fair going on at Isetan Scotts from 9 to 23 May 2011 Children’s Department, Level 4 supported by Play Imaginative.

This event is organized in conjunction with Isetan, the TO-FU Oyako Fair features a range of TO-FU products, from vinyl toys, to stationery (notebooks and clear folders), and novelty items (cushions, plush clip-ons, plush mobile holders).

What's gets better is that the creator of TO-FU, DEVILROBOTS will be in town and do autograph at the event on 21 to 22 May 2011, 2pm to 3pm and 5pm to 6pm.

Here are the 3 points to note for asking for Autograph.
1. Receipt from Isetan must be produced.
2. Only items purchase at Isetan maybe autographed
3. Autographs are limited to one Item per person

Below for some items you can get there which is ideal for The DEVILROBOTS autograph sessions:

SpongeBob SquarePants TO-FU & Gloomy TO-FU

Play Imaginative collaboration and this is the first opportunity for fans to get theirs autographed by The DEVILROBOTS. Each of them selling at SGD $22.00

TO-FU Molly and 4inch TO-FUs

A whole range of vinyl TO-FU goodness! This is your opportunity to complete your collection and get an autograph at the same time! Mollys going at SGD $89.98 to $105, 4inch TO-FUs at SGD $19.95

Play TO-FU Twin Packs
Repackaged into packs of 2, the Play TO-FU twin packs also include a mix of rare and more popular designs as well going at SGD $14.95

GIANT Blank TO-FU and GIANT Evirob

The biggest canvas there is for The DEVILROBOTS to sign on! Each 16" selling at SGD $179.95

Notebooks and Notepads

Get a sketch from The DEVILROBOTS, and carry it around with you whether at work or at school ranging from the price from $2.95 to $8.95 (UP $3.95 to $11.95). Sure to spice up a boring day.

Here are some on-going promotions at the TO-FU Oyako Fair:

TO-FU Plush Handphone Holders at buy 1 get 1 free!
25% off TO-FU notebooks and notepads
50% off TO-FU cushions!

Receive a free TO-FU Postcard with every TO-FU product purchased!

Simply spend $50 on TO-FU products in a single receipt, and you can purchase TO-FU Plush Clip-Ons at $5, or selected TO-FU collectable figures at $10.

Win a giant TO-FU figure autographed by The DEVILROBOTS from Japan! Every $30 spent on a single receipt entitles you to a lucky draw coupon. Receive a free Postcard with every TO-FU product purchased!

So there you have it. Something to look forward to from DEVILROBOTS or TO-FU fans. :)


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