Sense and Sensibility

Just last week, the full preview of Hot Toys Christopher Reeve's Superman was out. At the same time, Medicom announced the Black Rock Shooter figure as well. When I looked at both of these toys and their prices, I just have to say the following...

I am a fan of Christopher Reeve as Superman and today, none come close to replacing him as Superman. Naturally when I saw the toy I have a strong desire to get it. However when I looked at the price point at around SGD $250, this toy is totally out of my toy budget. As tempting as it is, I just have to decline to look away of having this Superman in my toy collection.

While I was browsing the same news, Medicom Black Rock Shooter came in. It was more pricey than Superman at the price point of 22,000 Yen which is USD $270 excluding the price the toy seller import in around SGD $330 or so. Now what do you think about that?

Compare to Superman who has a long history in both character in comic and as the movie, Superman did deserve that price point especially for the facial molding and licensing. Now some said that part of the Superman toy earning goes to the late Christopher reeve's foundation so I guess that is another reason on the pricing. But what about Black Rock Shooter?! Black Rock Shooter only comes about less than a decade with some anime, manga and a PSP game. Her "popularity" has very much to do with online marketing as toys.

On another point if you look into Superman and BRS, chances are 10 or 20 years down the line, people will still remember and value Superman and sadly I don't have the confidence to say the same regarding Black Rock Shooter.

For 12 inches Toy collectors, it will be a hard road ahead on collecting as the prices has been increasing and more limited in production. At the rate of pricing on Toys which is getting really crazy, it maybe a good time to exercise some Sense and Sensibility before toy collector become mindless zombie or a sucker leaded by a ring on their nose by toy makers.

If you asked me between Superman and BRS, I would have get Superman for the pricing and quality. Now the problem is only budget. What about you?


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