The Radioactive Lego Hazmat

From Lego Minifigure series 4 comes Hazmat Guy with his Radioactive suit.

“This is a job for the Hazmat Guy! Er, do you smell something funny?”

Hazmet is a ordinary guy who out to make a living. His job requirement is risky and that include some clearing of nuclear toxic wastes. I wonder how much he is paid for the job and does his job cover any insurance.

I would imagine Hazmat should had much to fear as it was all written on his face.

One of the coolest feature of this toy would be his helmet.

And another would be his spray gun which is suppose to wash of toxic waste I think...

The back of the helmet comes with a circle plug.

If you are wondering what is the plug for, it is to connect the spray gun. So it is safe to say his job is to clean up some s***, I mean waste.

Now you may asked me what is the spray gun attached to the suit. Does it mean the water comes from Hazmet body? Good question... I don't know either. Maybe some of you can suggest the reason why. If we can't then let's stick it to the classic reason "This is a toy so no need to be logical". :)

Radioactive has been much concern again after Japan had two nuclear reactors incidents and in it some committed workers risk their life on the ground to minimized the damage. Some said it is their responsibility they have to obligate while other said it is their commitment. Whatever it is, they did their best for a mistake they did not commit nor it is manageable by man alone.

Looking back these incidents of Japan in March, I have to say earthquake and Tsunami may cause an instant damage which affect a generation but the Nuclear meltdown is something that affect many generations and the fault purely lies on man thinking they can handle such dangerous energy. So is Nuclear energy still the way to go for cost and convenience or is it just a money making and life risking business?

Anyway to end the Radioactive subject on a better note, here's what happen when Hazmet meet OTTi.

For such uncertain time, this is one toy you got to have to remind yourself of somethings. :P


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