Pentax K-r Camera Capsule Toys

It's the 1st of May and today I am going to share with you some great toys I got from Capsule Machine at the recent Capsule event. Meet Pentax K-r Camera from Takara Tomy A.R.T.S! This series comes with 15 different color sets.

The toys come in new type of capsule.

I happened to have only two of them in the series/ A Golden edition and a Pink!

Closer look on the Gold one. On the whole the DSLR camera details are there but the len can be better rather than a dull plastic.

At the back are the LCD and other control than found on most DSLR but none of the buttons can be press.

I was hoping to have adjustable lens but it can't. I can't expect much for a 200 Yen (SGD$3) toy.

Some love for the pink edition for the ladies. I don't know if the ladies will love the whole Pink as a DSLR tho...

At the bottom of the DSRL comes with a clear plastic pieces. If you are wondering what it is, it for attaching this toy on the flash of any camera.

Here's a sample of it attached to my DSLR. Geeky?

In term of scale, I find it is bigger than 12" figure or 1/8 scale. Even to my Lego Stormtrooper clock which stand close to 12", the camera toy is just too big.

To the 5 or 6" toys, it's even bigger. I figure the only one who is interested in camera should be Peter Parker aka Spider-man.

As he is a reporter who often take his own (Spider-man) photograph to the press. You know he still need to earn his living for some expenses. What an honest fella.

It is a common believe that having a professional camera or lens will make photos more outstanding or make the photographer look professional. With the recent years of affordable prices of the DSLR, many flock to get one for themselves and take photo whenever and whatever they can.

I don't consider myself any way near professional photographer as I only use it for fun and yet to have the time to do any proper learning. Nonetheless, I am happy with what I have and enjoying what I took such as my kid, family, toys and other events. So far I have taken more than 10000 shots within the last 1 and a half years.

Back to the topic on this toy, they make great display toys for camera lovers both young and old especially for the affordable pricing. It is currently in Singapore and when I see it again, I will sure go for another try to get the original black one. I hope I will be lucky. :D

Do you owned a DSLR? What do you use it for?


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