My First Project Diva Arcade Experience

Project Diva Arcade has been around for coming to a year in Singapore since AFAX and I only get to play with it last week with the company of Fuzzy who is also a big Vocaloid fan. He is a bigger fan than me if you must know. LOL

We head down to Timezone where we can to see two machine there. For those who do not know about Project Diva Arcade, here's how the Arcade machine looks like.

It comes with 4 major buttons, 2 select buttons and 1 start button.
All you need to do with the game is to feel the beat and rhythm and cruise through the songs.

The graphic was awesome as it is as good as PS3 graphics.

I was naive to think training on PSP version for part 1 and part 2 will allow me to clear the game with not much different, I was wrong. The button arrangement was a killer.

If you are really a hardcore fan who will play a lot on the arcade, then it is recommended to get the character card to store your progress and points.

With various points and achievement, you will unlock different costumes and looks for your vocaloid especially Miku Hatsune.

Since most of the rythm has to do with the music, it is essential to hear the music. Since the Arcade very often play loud noises like games effects on neighbor machine, the Project Diva arcade machine comes with a earphone jack. Very useful but I forgotten to bring my earphone with me!!

It was a totally new experience for me to play in Project Diva Arcade and you can guess how I was trashed in many of the songs I thought I was familiar with. Fuzzy on the other hand did rather well (because he had the earphone on!) :P

In summary, here are 3 things I learned from this experience
  1. Arcade version experience is not like PSP version as the buttons were arrange in a straight line rather than the usual PSP button arrangement.
  2. If you want the full experience, bring your own earphone. I can make a big different in experience!
  3. If you are playing this in long term, getting the data card would be recommended to store your experience points for costume bonus.

If I have the time, I will go and play it again. Until then, it's better for me to stick with the PSP version. LOL

Have you play Project Diva arcade before?


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