Lugnut Voyager Transformers Review

From day one I learned about the release of a Voyager class Lugnut from the Transformers Reveal the Shield series, I had my eye peel on him. I was glad that my patient pays off once again when I saw it on close to 50% discount. :D

Many of the voyager class in this series were massive filling more than 80% of the box. That makes the voyager big and all the more Lugnut!

Out of the box, Lugnut was all that imagined him to be. The resemblance of the Transformers animated in both robot and vehicle mode but this get better!

Even on his side, Lugnut look heavy!

As this series is under "Reveal the Shield", this is what it is talking about which is one of the attraction during G1 days. The thermal color changing logo.

At the tail of Lugnut tail in-scripted with Lugnut in military marking which LU-6 NU-7. Which if you put them together you get to see LU6NU7. From far would be LUGNUT. Get it?

The same inscription can be found on it's arms which later in vehicle mode will be the wings. Fantastic!

Another feature that I love is the opening of the mouth of Lugnut! Truly a tribute to the animated version and not just the single eye thingy!

If there is something Lugnut have to say, my guess is that the first thing he would speak about his admiration for Megatron his leader.

And trust me, he said that with heart felt sincerity with a mixed of blind loyalty.

"I believe only two things: The Decepticons will rule Cybertron, and Megatron will rule the Decepticons! " 
- Lugnut, Megatron loyalist, "Lost and Found"

Enough of the Robot mode, now is the other half of the price I payed for. The plane mode! I won't go into details on the transformation as that would be a long review but I have to say the transformation for the first time took me close to 10 minutes to figure out by looking at the menu. :P

Okay back to the topic of the plane mode resemble the animated version which has the similarity of a Lancaster bomber.

Putting the Animated Voyager Lugnut, you can see the difference in size and designs. It is obvious to say this Voyager class Lugnut look much more good looking. So now you understand why I have an eye on him. :P

Like most World War II plane, the shark mouth drawing on the cockpit gave character to the plane as a more fearsome fighter. While putting such Shark teeth design on Starwars Clone wars Gunship look out of place. :P

The arms of Lugnut turns into the wings and his palm became engine part cleverly conceal.

At the tail of the plane were another machine torrent which is great to attack the enemies from the back. That's not all!

Here's the gimmick part that when you flip over the tail, out come a projectile missile that is ready to shoot down any enemies of Megatron.

In summary, I am more than satisfy with this toy. It is everything that Lugnut suppose to be and I don't think there can be another closer or better unless it is in Leader class. Okay let's not give hasbro more ideas on that. LOL

Do you like Lugnut too?


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