License2Play & Toy Carnival 2011

I dropped by License2Play and Toy Carnival on the very first day evening. I figure out it will be less crowded and I will have more comfort to look around. So there I was, at Suntec City hall 401.

The first spot I visited was the Nintendo booth. I wanted to take a look at Nintendo 3Ds in person.

Only the upper screen of the 3DS has the 3D features and there was a adjustment level on that screen to switch from 2D to 3D mode for the comfort level. The graphic with 3D effect look amazing when I saw the demo of the Dead or Alive. However after watching close to 5 minutes, the visual and the game doesn't really keep me going.

There were other fun factors that WOW me tho. Such as the ability to be able to take 3D photo with their inbuilt 3D camera on the 3Ds and the game that uses shape capturing with the camera to attached 3D graphic. One such example was the pokemon character on the card was capture by the camera and the LIVE feed on screen attached a full 3D pokemon on top of the card. when the player move the camera around, as long as the card appear in the screen, the 3D character will move together with the card. Interesting it isn't it?

Sony Playstation 3 was there with much interesting and good looking titles. However I still can't get over the security they had with their network episodes. So until they resolve that with much assurance, I think I will keep at bay.

They were card game corner too for Bushiroad game card matches. Since school holiday is officially on, there were a number of younger players playing their deck of cards.

There were a fair share of Aracade machines at the convention and at the UFO or the toy crawler machine, I saw something familiar.... Are you an angry birds fan?

Toy Carnival was at the same location so it's time for me to report on the toys!

There are quite a number of good bargains and some classic stuff on sales. If you are a 12 inches collector, there are a couple of exclusive stuffs for this event by action city.

I saw some cute Mezitz toys on movie Green Lantern, Hellboy and Clash of the Titans. Neat?

Some good Chogokin Macross offers as well too!

Collections of Figma were on sales too at one of the booth.

Re-issued Danbo returns! Is that price good for you? Still it hasn't move me to get one...Maybe it's the price. Yes...

There were a couple of stores already selling TakaraTomy Transformers movie 3, The dark of the moon toys and some on good offers too! Charming...

If that doesn't work, how about a Tie-Fighter at $30?

I was very tempted but I was discipline as my friend who accompany me for this event commented. LOL

Anyway I didn't get to see much cosplayer because of my timing and I hope over the weekend, there will be more. Meanwhile here's one of the cosplayer who cosplay a Kamen Rider W character!

*Credit to Brendan who took this.

I hope it will be more happening over the weekend. Is it interesting for you?


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