Leon Ku's Kamen Rider W Models

Sometime ago in my conversation with the model kit artist, Leon Ku, he mention that he like the Kamen Rider W so much that he grab the MG model kit and start working on it. After he had done some of it, he informed me that his works are currently on display at Hobby Art Gallery. He invited me to go down to take some photographs. How can I refuse as I am curious to know how will his Kamen Rider turn out to be.

When I arrived at Hobby Art Gallery, I saw not only one Kamen Rider W but many!!! To my surprise, it was all done by Leon Ku! I made my intention clear on Leon Ku's invitation to Sam from Hobby Art Gallery, He was very helpful to take the artwork out one by one even it was a weekend packed with customers. I request a small corner just to take the shots and not to affect their customer's experience. And so here they are.

Double Heat Metal
This was the first one that caught my eyes. Red and Silver. Really striking.

Noticed how metallic it looks?

This could be a Chogokin (超合金) .... NOT!

Skull Rider
Now Leon Ku jokingly told me he did a MG Kamen Rider Skull version because the S.H.Figuart version was too pricy for him to get hold of. If that's the case, it is a blessing in disguise then. LOL

I just love the black and silver theme

With Hat off

Detail on the belt.

Luna Trigger
I just love the blue tone and yellow shade.

I love the way Leon's did with the paint. The body of the Rider is metallic blue but the gun is matt blue as it is more fitting for a weapon.

Normally Yellow is a color that many modeller do not like to use as if it is done wrongly, the whole model will look "sissy" in a way but Leon's did a great job to give a impressive metallic feel to it even it is not too glossy.

Details on the memory belt

Kamen Rider Fang and Joker
Leon Ku has pose this as an action figure. Rider Fang kick!

Can't get enough of it? See the fang?

I love the black and white contrast

Even the belt look so different!

Kamen Rider Accel
Leon Ku has done some vehicle painting before and he applied his experience of that on this Rider Accel. Just look at his body paint.

close up on the head.

Belt which go Vroom Vroom

His Weapon. Notice the golden parts?

This is not all. I was told by Leon Ku that he will be doing more of this series and as this post is up, there are others updated at H.A.G. Do drop by and take a look at the model art there in person. It will really give you the true 3D experience. :P

By the way, I am glad to announce now that Leon Ku has an official fan page on facebook!


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